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AP Learners License Registration Apply: learning license Slot Booking

Many people in the country are running vehicles without having a driving license. It is not good to run the vehicle. IF you are the person belonging from Andhra Pradesh (AP), then you must have a driving license otherwise you may have to pay a fine for this mistake. Learners License Registration AP – There are many people also who want to learn driving but do not what documents they should have.

AP Learners License Registration 2022

One of the documents which are required by the new driver is a learner license. Yes! As a new driver on the road in Andhra Pradesh, you should possess your learner driving license. In India, a motor act has been passed in the year 1988 and stated that no person can ride a bike or drive any other vehicle without having a license. People, who are new bike riders or car drivers, should have a license and it is called a learner license.

Now, the question is that how you will get your learner driving license. Getting a learner driving license is so easy. If you are in Andhra Pradesh state, you have to apply for a learner license on the LLR booking platform. Here, you will have to choose the slot which is free and visit the office place physically. When you are making an online slot booking for a learner license, then you will have to pay driving license fees online.

AP Learners License Apply Online

No offline payment option is available here. So, pay the fees online and save the receipt with you. If you want, take a printout of the receipt. When you are visiting the LLR office for a learner driving test, and then carry all original IDs with you and the payment receipt also.

If anyone wants to have a permanent driving license for all types of vehicles, first he or she has to apply for Learner License and then will get a permanent license. This permanent license is a valid document that you will have to carry with you when you are riding or driving any vehicle.

AP Learners License Online Booking
AP Learners License Online Booking

AP Driving License for Learners

AP Learner License Slot Booking 2022

Types of LLR in AP

There are 3 types of LLR available in the Andhra Pradesh (AP) state. All those LLR are listed below:

  1. Motorcycles without Gear
  2. LMV or Light Motor Vehicles
  3. Transport vehicles

Age limit for License

There is a specific age limit for different age groups of people with different vehicles. Before applying for a license, you should have to know about all age limits for many vehicles. In this post, all age limits for all vehicles are given below:

If you are a learner driving license applicant, then check all eligibility criteria on the official website of the Andhra Pradesh (AP) Motor Act so that you did not face any problem in having your learner driving license.

AP Learner License Online Registration

Necessary eligibility required for Learner License

There is also a list of necessary documents and every driving license applicant must have to know about all such documents. The documents which are needed are mentioned below:

AP Learners License Registration online
AP Learners License Registration online

AP Learner License Application Status 2022

Now, you have all information about the learner’s driving license for Andhra Pradesh state. You can apply for a driving license from the official website. Book your test slot and reach the office at a specific time so that your test will be conducted on time. When you are appearing for a test, the test result will be declared immediately. In this case, you will get your learner driving license as soon as possible.

One new option is also available on the official website which is a renewal of a driving license. So, get your license as soon as possible and start riding or driving your vehicles on the road of Andhra Pradesh state.

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