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Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana 2022 Registration! अपनी गाड़ी अपना रोजगार Form

Punjab Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana 2022 Registration online at अपनी गाड़ी अपना रोजगार Application Form. According to reports, the Punjab government intends to implement the “Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar” program for jobless youngsters beginning in the year 2020. Under this program, the state government will offer youngsters resources such as permits and the ability to purchase cars, allowing them to establish their own businesses.

Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana 2022

Any young person who wants to begin their own business by purchasing a vehicle, will be able to profit from this initiative. Unemployed youngsters who buy three-wheelers or four-wheelers would be eligible for a subsidy granted by the Punjab government. The goal of launching this program is to inspire jobless youngsters who wish to establish their own company by purchasing a car and to giving them financial help so that they may get started in their endeavors immediately.

State officials have launched this program to achieve this goal. A state government of Punjab has finalized the details of the Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Scheme 2022, which would be implemented in 2022. The investigation of state models such as those in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and West Bengal, where subsidies on the purchase of cars are offered for self-employment, is now being conducted.

Punjab AGAR Registration online

The revised version of the Apni Gadi Apna Rojgar Scheme was created since the qualified beneficiaries were finding it difficult to arrange the necessary margin money and get bank financing for the vehicle under consideration. A previous deal had been reached with web-based taxi companies such as Ola / Uber, under which cars were to be provided at the expense of the driving partners by the Department of Employment Generation and Training.

Punjab Apni Gadi Apna Rojgar Eligibility Criteria: The age of the applicant should be between 21 and 45 years. The applicant must possess a current commercial driver’s license for either 4 wheeler or 3 wheeler vehicles. Applicants for driver’s licenses must be residents of the district in which the application is being filed.

Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana Portal
Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana Portal

Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana Registration

Educational Qualification

For 8th pass applicants

Driving Experience

License holding period

ਅਪਨੀ ਗੱਦੀ ਅਪਨਾ ਰੋਜ਼ਗਾਰ ਯੋਜਨਾ 

Apni Gaddi Apa Rojgar Yojana Benefits

In order to benefit from the program, young people from throughout the state will need to apply via the program.

Punjab Apni Gaddi Apna Rojgar Form online

Required Documents

Apni Gaddi Apna Rojgar Application Form

How to Apply

Please read all of the instructions and look for the application form. Update all of the required information, as well as uploading the appropriate documents. Make sure you submit the application and print it out for future reference.

Punjab AGAR Application Process

The application procedure for this program has not yet begun, despite the fact that it has been announced.

Apni Gaddi Apna Rojgar Yojana
Apni Gaddi Apna Rojgar Yojana

It’s the one and only notice that has arrived. It has been determined to start this program as soon as possible.

PGRKAM Online Registration 2021
PGRKAM Online Registration 2022

When the application procedure for this scheme begins, the district committee will choose the applicants who will be considered for the position.

If the plan is implemented, it will assist jobless youngsters by providing them with a low-interest loan to establish their own company.

They will also be able to get a car and begin working. They will learn to rely on themselves. There will be no need for you to rely on anybody; you will be able to complete your tasks alone and provide for yourself and your family.

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