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Chandigarh Housing Board Scheme 2022: New Flats & Small Plots

One of the best things that you will know about the Chandigarh housing scheme is that the government has started a housing board scheme of Chandigarh where they are going to provide quality houses to the citizens of Chandigarh. The houses are affordable and you will get the houses at a very reasonable price. Interested homebuyers are invited to give an application to the Chandigarh housing board.

Chandigarh Housing Board Scheme 2022

The Haryana Housing board act, 1971, also applies to this Housing board scheme. The Housing Board has till now developed around 60,000 houses in various parts of Chandigarh and it comes under different canopies or categories.

New Flats & Small Plots In this housing, scheme i.e. Chandigarh Housing Board Scheme 2022: New Flats & Small Plots are also available. As per the Chandigarh housing board, there are around 25% of the people in the city stay under such housing options, which is provided by the Government of Chandigarh under the current scheme.

CHB New Scheme for Flats and Plot

People who are interested in the scheme can apply online in their official portal and submit an application. Now, according to the Chandigarh housing board, they provide a 1 BHK which is a bit costly that will cost you around 90 Lakhs. But for the weaker sections, the house is available for only 50 Lakhs.

For People under this Scheme  Besides, that there are 2 BHK flats also that are available by the board. The Chandigarh housing board has kept a cost of around Rs. 1.36 crores for a 2 BHK. And for the people who come under the scheme of Chandigarh housing board, they can get a 3 BHK also.

Chandigarh Housing Board New Flats 2021
Chandigarh Housing Board New Flats 2022

Chandigarh Housing Board Flat Scheme 2022

The cost of 3 BHK is Rs.1.63 crores. It is especially for the people who come under this scheme. The Chandigarh housing board is planning to build around 500 houses based on the interest of the applicants. So, it’s like if the applicants are interested and they are in majority then the board shall develop or create the houses.

Some Costly Schemes

But for that, it is important rather very important that people give their applications and apply. Some people who whether they come under the scheme or they do not come under the scheme may find the cost of the flats a bit expensive. For instance, the 1 BHK which is around 90 Lakhs, and then again for weaker sections the cost is around 50 Lakhs for 1 BHK, which many people find very costly. But interested people can buy the houses and also apply for the scheme.

Chandigarh Housing Board Application Form online

When Applying

The official notification in the form of a PDF has already been released online. It is the Chandigarh housing board scheme 2022. To know more details the interested candidates can visit the online portal. When you make an application you will have to enter the personal details, then you will have to enter the address for contacting you. Then, after that, you will have to enter the bank account details also. After that, you will also have to mention the housing plan details like which housing scheme or plan you are choosing, and then you will have to upload the documents also. Please go through the instructions online regarding the uploading of the documents.

Chandigarh Housing Board Scheme Rules

Changes in the Rules – Chandigarh Housing Board Brochure pdf The registration process has already started in April 2022. There have been certain changes that have been made in the building rules of the Chandigarh housing board scheme 2022. It will only allow the changes that are need-based for all the allotters. There shall be no place like additional rooms on the terrace or the back of the courtyard that is covering 100% of the area. Plus, there shall be no encroachment that shall be done on the land of the government by developing any kinds of rooms.

The allotters cannot construct any room that has the support of the pillars that are existing already. Apart from that, people are not allowed to construct in the balconies beyond a permissible limit. Without permission the people allotters cannot increase the size of the gate.

And apart from that the grills also cannot be fixed beyond permissible limits. If the Chandigarh housing board demolishes any kind of encroachment or illegal work, then it will be the liability of the owner to pay the cost of recovery along with a GST of 18%. The allotment can be canceled if the owner fails to pay the amount to the Chandigarh Housing Board.

Chandigarh Housing Board Auctions online

Eligibility Criteria & Documents

There is certain eligibility criteria also according to which the house shall be allotted, or before buying a house. The first is that the applicant should be a permanent resident of Chandigarh. Then, the applicant should be above 18 years of age. Plus, they should have bank accounts in their name. Plus, there will be some other eligibility requirements also, that is needed. The documents that you should submit are as follows – Permanent Residential Proof Certificate, Aadhar Card, Copy of ration card, Voter Id Card, Passport if needed, Copy of Bank Account Number and PAN Card.

Flats with Servant Quarter – 

Besides all of these, there are other schemes also of the Chandigarh housing board where they provide 3 bedroom flats also along with servant quarters. Two-bedroom flats with servant quarters are also available. This is mostly in sector 53. So, you will have to search online to know more about the flats that are available with servant quarters. There are some good flats also that are available which you can check online. But expect the cost to be higher since they are all good quality flats that are available.

Chandigarh Housing Board registration 2022

Profit Component Removed

Apart from that, after removing the profit component the cost of the flat is calculated. So, there are many advantages of buying the flats, and the flats are constructed with sturdy material /quality.

Chandigarh Housing Board Online Appointments
Chandigarh Housing Board Online Appointments

The architectural parameters have been revised according to the Chief Architect, Department of Urban Planning, Chandigarh Administration. Besides that, in this scheme, you can get 2 BHK, 3BHK, and 4 BHK Flats that are 7 stories. The price of flats will come somewhere around 1.5 crores to 2.75 crores. It depends which flat you choose whether 3 BHK or 4 BHK.

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