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Digital Voter ID Card Download Online: With Photo | app

Digital Voter ID Card Download online login to get EPIC Voter Card check with photo app check e-epic status. A voter Id card is one of the important documents in India. It is mandatory to have a voter Id card in order to vote in India. Apart from voting, it also serves as an identity proof as it has the name, residential details, signature and photo of the holder. Digital voter Id cards are also known as e-Epic (Elector photo identity cards).

Digital Voter ID Card Download

The digital voter card is present in a PDF form. It can be printed and laminated by the holder. The PDF form digital voter Id card cannot be edited by the holder. Digital voter ID card can be stored in Digi-locker in phone or can be downloaded in computer.

States that have allowed voters to use digital voter ID card on polling day Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Assam, Puducherry. Benefits of Voter ID – Voter ID card is an important card which is used for casting vote in India. There are various benefits of voter ID card. Some of these are as under.

Digital Voter Card with Photo

Voter ID card acts as an identity proof in India. It can also serve as a residential proof in India. If someone has voter ID card then they are acknowledged as a registered voter in India. Every voter who is willing to cast the vote should have a voter ID card.

The card also contains the signature and photograph of the voter. For certain public schemes, the applicant of the scheme should have a voter card. In digital voter Id cards, if the voter migrates from one state to another, they don’t have to visit the offline government offices. There is no need for the voter card holders to stand in long queues in order to get their voter ID card.

Digital Voter ID Card Download
Digital Voter ID Card Download

Digital Voter ID app Download

How to apply for digital Voter ID card?

The steps to apply for digital voter Id card are as under-

Eligibility criteria for applying for Voter ID

People who are eligible can have voter ID card.

EPIC Voter Card Download online

Documents required for digital Voter ID

Documents required for applying for the voter ID card are as under-

Steps to verify voter ID?

There are various counterfeit voter cards in the country, sometimes an applicant can be suspicious of his Voter ID card. If this is the case, the applicant should visit nearest election office or official website of Chief electoral officer. They have to enter their name and check if their details are present in electoral roll. In case of any discrepancy, it is important to send mail or notice to CEO.

Guidelines for applying voter ID

The person applying for the voter ID card should follow the following guidelines.

Digital Voter ID pdf Download

Procedure to track voter ID application

In the latest update of online voter Id cards, applicants can also track their application. The tracking can be done on the state election commission website. Every state has their own election commission. Follow the following steps to track the application status-

As an alternative, you can also check your applications status on National Voters’ Service Portal.

Digital Voter Card Download online
Digital Voter Card Download online
  1. Name date of birth
  2. Gender
  3. State or union territory
  4. District constituency
  5. Father’s name

Digital Voter Card Status 2022

What to do if Voter ID is not received?

There can be situation where you have applied for voter Id card, but you have not received it. Steps to be taken in that situation are as under-

NRI voter ID

Non-residents of India can cast their vote in their constituencies and can apply for voter Id. Voter ID for NRI’s can be applied both online as well as offline. To apply for Voter ID and cast the vote, the person should be present in India.

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