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Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana 2022 Form: Online Status Check

Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana was launched by the chief minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijay Rupani. The scheme was previously called Gujarat Vidhav Sahay Yojana. This scheme was launched for the benefit of the people of Gujarat. Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana is launched in the portal of the National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP). Through this scheme, the women who have lost their husbands due to any cause are encouraged and help build their confidence. Under this scheme, women are helped financially so they can look after their families independently.

Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana 2022

All the information regarding the scheme will be covered in this article. Read the article till the end to have all the necessary details regarding the eligibility, benefits, objectives, and online application form of the scheme. More about the scheme – Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana is launched by the state government of Gujarat.

Under this scheme, the state government plans to provide financial assistance to the women who have lost their husbands. The scheme will benefit around 3 lakhs widow women with financial assistance. The women belonging to minority communities will be benefitted through this scheme. The scheme is launched under the Women and Child Development program and aims to help women from 33 districts of Gujarat.

Ganga Swaroop Yojana Gujarat Form 2022

When the scheme was launched its budget was of 1.64 lakhs but has now increased up to Rs. 3.70 lakhs. The amount of the scheme has changed so that maximum people can take advantage of the scheme. Through this scheme, financial assistance will be provided and independence will be promoted among the women. The pension amount under the scheme has also increased from Rs 1000 to Rs 1250. The pension amount is for the welfare of the ladies and it will be provided by the direct bank transfer mode.

Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana benefits – The major benefits of the scheme are as under- The scheme will help to uplift the widow women who have lost their husbands. Many widow women who have lost their husbands are unable to cope with the financial crisis of their home as in some house’s husbands are the sole earner of the family. In such cases, these women are unable to support their families financially, in order to provide financial support to these women, this scheme was launched.

Ganga Swaroop Yojana Form
Ganga Swaroop Yojana Form

Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Application Status 2022

The scheme will also empower women who are earning for their families after the death of their husbands. Under the scheme, the beneficiary amount will be credited to the accounts of the beneficiaries through direct bank transfer.

Objectives of the scheme

There are various benefits of the scheme. These benefits are as under-

The state government will pay Rs. 1250 per month to every beneficiary under the scheme. The candidates of the scheme should go through the eligibility of the scheme in order to avail the benefits of the scheme.

Ganga Swaroop Yojana Apply online

Ganga Swaroop yojana Eligibility criteria

Ganga Swaroop yojana Documents required –

Following are the documents required to be submitted along with the application form of the scheme-

Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana online application form

The application form of Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana scheme is submitted in offline mode. The applicant should follow the following steps to fill in the application form accurately

Gujarat Ganga Swaroopa Yojana Form
Gujarat Ganga Swaroopa Yojana Form

Ganga Swaroop Yojana List 2022

The selection process of Gujarat Ganga Swaroop Yojana

The candidate will submit all the documents and the application form to the social security department. After the submission of the document, the concerned officials will check the documents and the application form of the applicant properly. After verifying the documents, the applicant will receive an approval letter from the social security department. The department will also release the list of the selected applicants under the scheme

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