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How to Display Twitter Followers Count as Text in WordPress


The most convenient method to display Twitter followers is by utilizing the authorities Twitter adhere to switch. But what happens if you do not desire to slow-moving your website down by filling twitter’s manuscript? Or what happens if you are making something really personalized and also demand to display twitter fan count as text rather than a switch. Well after that you will certainly like this tutorial. In this short article, we will certainly reveal you how to display your twitter fan count as text on your WordPress website.

Wondering how we are going to do this? Well, initially we will certainly develop a Twitter App, so we can appropriately make use of the Twitter API v1.1 to draw the followers count. We will certainly cache it to maximize efficiency, and after that we will certainly display it on the website. Ready to start? Let’s go.

First point you require to do is to develop a Twitter App for the website where you desire to display the followers count. Go to Twitter Developers website and also indicator in with your Twitter account. After finalizing in develop a brand-new application.

Creating a new Twitter app

On the following display supply a name for your application this can be anything, preferably the title of your web site. Provide a summary for your application, this can be the exact same summary as your blog site or anything you desire. In the web site area go into the URL of your WordPress website, For instance:

Enter the exact same URL in the Callback URL area as well. After loading the type struck the Create your Twitter application switch at the end of the web page.

This will certainly develop a brand-new Twitter application for you to usage. On the following web page, click Create my accessibility token switch. This will certainly reveal you an alert that your consent token has actually been produced.

On your Twitter App’s web page, we will just require the Consumer Key and also Consumer Secret for the following action.

Copy the adhering to code and also paste it in your style’s functions.php data or a website particular plugin. Replace Consumer Key and also Consumer Secret variables with your customer trick and also trick.

feature obtainTwitterFollowers($ screenName='wpbeginner').
// some variables.
$ customerKey='YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY';.
$ customerSecret='YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET';.
$ token = get_option(' cfTwitterTo ken');.

// obtain fan count from cache.
$ numberOfFollowers = get_transient(' cfTwitterFollowers');.

// cache variation does not exist or ran out.
if (incorrect === $numberOfFollowers) {
// obtaining brand-new auth holder just if we do not have one.
if(!$ token) {
// preparing qualifications.
$ qualifications = $customerKey ':'. $customerSecret;.
$ toSend = base64_encode($ qualifications);.

// http message disagreements.
$ args = range(.
' approach' => > 'POST',.
' httpversion' => > '1.1',.
' obstructing' => > real,.
' headers' => > range(.
'Authorization' => > 'Basic '. $toSend,.
'Content-Type' => > 'application/x-www-form- urlencoded; charset= UTF-8'.
' body' => > range( 'grant_type' => > 'client_credentials' ).

add_filter(' https_ssl_verify', '__ return_false');.
$ reaction = wp_remote_post('', $args);.

$ tricks = json_decode( wp_remote_retrieve_body($ reaction));.

if($ tricks) {
// conserving token to wp_options table.
update_option(' cfTwitterTo ken', $tricks->> access_token);.
$ token = $tricks->> access_token;.
// we have holder token wether we got it from API or from choices.
$ args = range(.
' httpversion' => > '1.1',.
' obstructing' => > real,.
' headers' => > range(.
'Authorization' => >"Bearer $token"

add_filter(' https_ssl_verify', '__ return_false');.
$ api_url = "$screenName";.
$ reaction = wp_remote_get($ api_url, $args);.

if (! is_wp_error($ reaction)) {
$ followers = json_decode( wp_remote_retrieve_body($ reaction));.
$ numberOfFollowers = $followers->> followers_count;.
} else {
// obtain old worth and also break.
$ numberOfFollowers = get_option(' cfNumberOfFollowers');.
// uncomment listed below to debug.
// pass away($ reaction->> get_error_message());.

// cache for a hr.
set_transient(' cfTwitterFollowers', $numberOfFollowers, 1 * 60 * 60);.
update_option(' cfNumberOfFollowers', $numberOfFollowers);.

return $numberOfFollowers;.

Now include this line of code in your style layout where you desire to display your twitter followers count. This can be in the sidebar.php, header.php, or generally anywhere you such as.