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How to Easily Add JavaScript in WordPress Pages or Posts (3 Methods)


Do you desire to add a JavaScript in your WordPress pages or posts? Sometimes you might require to add a JavaScript code to the whole site or right into details pages. By default, WordPress does not allow you add code straight in your posts. In this post, we will certainly reveal you how to easily add JavaScript in WordPress pages or posts.

How to easily add JavaScript in WordPress posts and pages

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programs language that runs out your web server yet on the customer’s internet browser. This client-side programs permits designers to do a great deal of amazing points without decreasing your site.

If you desire to installed a video clip gamer, add a calculator, or a few other third-party solution, after that you will certainly be frequently asked to duplicate and also paste a JavaScript code bit right into your site.

A regular JavaScript code bit might appear like this:

<< manuscript kind ="text/javascript">>.

// Some JavaScript code.

<. <