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How to Embed an External RSS Feed in WordPress Posts via Shortcode


Have you ever before seen displays like 25 ideal XYZ websites to adhere to? Usually these tutorials have the website name, website screenshot, a little summary, and also the checklist of current posts. The primary problem with those posts are the checklist of current posts which obtains obsolete overtime since many writers by hand develop those web links at the time of creating. That blog post is actually obsoleted as quickly as any kind of among those various other websites release a brand-new blog post. Well in this write-up, we will certainly reveal you how to embed an external RSS feed in WordPress posts via shortcode, so you can maintain your checklist posts pertinent.

First point you require to do is open your motif’s functions.php documents and also paste the complying with code:

//This documents is required to be able to utilize the wp_rss() feature.
include_once( ABSPATH.WPINC.'/ rss.php');.

feature readRss($ atts) {
essence( shortcode_atts( range(.
"feed" => > 'http://',
      "num" => > '1',.
), $atts));.

return wp_rss($ feed, $num);.

add_shortcode(' rss', 'readRss');

Now all you have to do is usage this shortcode when creating a message:

[rss feed="" num="5"]

Make certain you alter the feed URL in the shortcode to what you desire. You can likewise change the number to your preference.

Source: Smashing Magazine