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How to Fix Error Too Many Redirects Issue in WordPress


Are you attempting to fix the ‘Error Too Many Redirects’ issue on your WordPress site?

It is a typical WordPress error that might be triggered by a plugin or wrong setups. However, it leaves customers shut out of their WordPress internet sites that makes it specifically bothersome.

In this write-up, we’ll reveal you how to conveniently fix the ‘Error too many redirects’ issuein WordPress We will certainly additionally cover how to gain back gain access to to your site and also repair the error.

Fixing too many redirects error in WordPress

What Causes The Error Too Many Redirects Issue in WordPress?

The ‘Error too many redirects’ is triggered by a misconfigured redirection issuein WordPress

As you understand that WordPress makes use of an SEO-friendly URL framework function that makes use of the redirect feature.

Similarly, many preferred WordPress plugins utilize this function to established short-lived redirects, irreversible 301 redirects, and also for taking care of the 404 mistakes.

If you are utilizing a plugin to fix the SSL unconfident web content issue or a WordPress caching plugin, after that they might additionally influence redirects and also trigger this error.

Error Too Many Redirects in Google Chrome

However, this error does not inform you what’s creating the problem and also requiring the redirect loopholein WordPress

This is how the error looks in Firefox with the message ‘The page isn’ t rerouting appropriately’.

Too many redirects error in Firefox

That being stated, allow’s have a look at how to fix the error a lot of redirects issuein WordPress

We will certainly stroll you via detailed troubleshooting, obtaining gain access to to your WordPress website, and also taking care of the error from persisting.

1. Clear Browser Cookies and also Cache

A typical reason for the error can be your internet internet browser cookies. Try accessing your site utilizing a various internet internet browser like Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and so on

If you are able to gain access to your site typically utilizing a various web browser, after that you require to clear web browser cookies and also cache on your normal web browser.

Clear cookies and cache in Google chrome

We have an in-depth overview on how to clear web browser cache in all significant web browsers that will certainly assist you do that.

On the various other hand, if transforming the web browser does not fix the issue after that you can proceed to the following action.

2. Deactivate All WordPress Plugins

The most usual reason for the WordPress redirect loopholes or ‘Too many redirects’ issue is a plugin problem. A plugin attempting to established a redirect in a manner in which disputes with default WordPress redirects would certainly wind up creating this error.

To fix this, you require to shut down all WordPress plugins on your site. Now, typically you can simply go to Plugins” All Plugins web page inside the WordPress admin location and also shut down plugins from there.

Deactivate all plugins

However, we are presuming that due to the redirect error you might not be able to gain access to the WordPress admin location.

In that instance, you will certainly require to shut down WordPress plugins utilizing an FTP customer, or the File Manager application in your WordPress organizing control board.

Simply link to your site utilizing an FTP customer and also go to the/ wp-content/ folder.

Renaming the plugins folder using FTP

There you’ll discover the plugins folder, which you require to relabel to ‘plugins.deactivate’ which will certainly shut down WordPress plugins.

Renamed plugins folder

Basically, WordPress tries to find a folder called plugins to tons the plugin documents. When it does not discover the folder, it instantly disables the energetic plugins in the data source.

Now you can attempt seeing your WordPress site. If you are able to login to your WordPress admin location currently, after that this suggests among the plugins was creating the error.

To determine which plugin was the perpetrator, you require to switch over back to the FTP customer or File Manager application and also relabel your plugins.deactivate folder backto ‘plugins’

After that, button to the WordPress admin location of your site and also go to the Plugins” All Plugins web page. From below, you can trigger your plugins individually, and afterwards see your site to see if you can recreate the error.

Once you discover the plugin that is creating the error, you can discover an option to that plugin or report the issue to the plugin’s assistance online forum.

3. Fix WordPress URLs

Another significant reason for this error is a misconfiguration in WordPress URL setups. Normally, you can watch these alternatives under Settings” General web page.

WordPress URL settings

For most internet sites, the URLs in the WordPress Address and also Site Address area have to coincide. However, some customers might wind up utilizing www in one URL and also non-www URL in the various other.

Since you might not have gain access to to the WordPress admin location, you might require to fix the WordPress URLs utilizing an FTP customer or the File Manager application.

Simply link to your WordPress website utilizing an FTP customer and also go to/ wp-content/themes/your-theme-folder/.

Edit functions.php file

From below you require to find the functions.php data and also modify it utilizing an ordinary message editor like Notepad or TextEdit

Next, you require to include the complying with code near the bottom:

update_option( 'siteurl', '' );.
update_option( 'house', '' );.

Don’ t fail to remember to change with your very own website URLs. You can currently conserve your modifications and also submit the data back to your site.

After that, you can attempt seeing your site to see if this fixes the error.

For extra techniques, see our tutorial on how to conveniently modification WordPress URLs.

4.Reset WordPress htaccessFile

The htaccess data is an unique data that is utilized by site web server to handle redirects and also various other web server setups. WordPress additionally utilizes this declare SEO pleasant URLs and also various other redirects.

Sometimes WordPress plugins might make modifications to your site’s. htaccess data which might cause this error. It is additionally feasible that dectivating a plugin will certainly not eliminate those modifications develop your.htaccess data.

In that instance, you’ll require to by hand reset yourWordPress htaccess data.

Again, you will certainly require to gain access to your site utilizing an FTP customer or the File Manager application in your organizing control panel. Once linked, you’ll see the.htaccess data in the origin folder of your site.

Editing .htaccess file via FTP

Note: If you can not discover your.htaccess data, after that see our overview on how to find.htaccess data in WordPress.

First, you require to download and install a duplicate of your.htaccess data to your computer system as a back-up.

After that, you can go on and also erase the data from your site. You can currently attempt seeing your WordPress blog site, and also if every little thing functions regular, after that this suggests your.htaccess data was creating the redirect error.

Now, considering that we erased the.htaccess data you require to recreate it. Normally, your WordPress site can do it by itself however to ensure you can go to Settings” Permalinks web page and also click the ‘Save changes’ switch near the bottom.

Refresh permalinks to create .htaccess file

5. Preventing Error Too Many Redirects in WordPress

Hopefully, the above discussed actions would certainly have repaired the redirect issue on your site. If they did not fix the issue, after that you might require to talk to your WordPress organizing firm to ensure that it is not due to a web server issue.

Once they fix the issue on your website, you need to additionally determine what created the issue.

If it was a plugin, after that you require to report the issue to plugin’s assistance online forum. See our overview on how to request for WordPress assistance. However, if you are incapable to obtain assist after that you can constantly discover a different plugin that does the exact same point.

If the error was triggered by a WordPress website misconfiguration, after that you can take down it and also make sure that your website setups are appropriately established.

For extra suggestions, see our thorough tutorial on how to troubleshoot WordPress problems by yourself like a total amount WordPress pro.

We wish this write-up assisted you deal with the error a lot of redirects issue on your site. You might additionally desire to book marking our best manual of usual WordPress mistakes and also how to fix them.

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