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How to Fix the 504 Gateway Timeout Error in WordPress


Have you ever before obtained a 504 gateway timeout error on your WordPress website? This error can make your web site hard to reach to customers. What’s worst is that it can go away and also come back by itself if the underlying problem is not dealt with. In this post, we will certainly reveal you how to fix the 504 gateway timeout errorin WordPress

Fixing 504 gateway timeout error in WordPress

What Causes 504 Gateway Timeout Error?

The 504 gateway timeout error is generally triggered when a web server is incapable to link to an upstream web server to total a demand.

For instance, if you are utilizing an internet site firewall program like Sucuri, and also it is incapable to link to your WordPress web server, after that you will certainly see a 504 gateway timeout error.

The error web page’s look and also the message might be presented in a different way depending upon your WordPress holding business, the proxy web server, or the web browser you are utilizing. Following are several of the most typical 504 gateway timeout error messages.

  • 504 Gateway Timeout
  • HTTP 504
  • 504 ERROR
  • Gateway Timeout (504)
  • HTTP Error 504– Gateway Timeout
  • Gateway Timeout Error

504 Gateway timeout error

While the most typical factor for the error is a proxy web server incapable to reach the upstream web server, it can likewise be caused by various other holding setup problems.

That being stated, allow’s see how to quickly repair and also fix the 504 gateway timeout errorin WordPress

1. Wait and also Reload

Sometimes the 504 gateway timeout error might merely be triggered by a momentary problem on your WordPress holding web servers. Give it a couple of mins and after that attempt refilling your web site.

If the problem vanishes, after that you do not require to take any kind of more actions. However, if the error lingers or comes back eventually, after that proceed analysis to troubleshoot and also fix the issue.

2. Turn off VPN

Turn off VPN

If you are utilizing a VPN solution to browse the internet, after that attempt disabling it. Sometimes your VPN web server might not be able to obtain an action from your taken care of WordPress holding web server, and also this will certainly result in 504 gateway timeout error.

If your web site comes back, after that this suggests that the VPN web server was the perpetrator. Now if utilizing the VPN is very important for you, after that you can attempt changing to a various VPN web server. If you are seeing the error also after transforming web servers, after that you would certainly desire to call your VPN provider for assistance.

3. Turn off Website Firewall

If you are utilizing a DNS degree web site firewall program like Sucuri or Cloudflare, after that attempt to momentarily disable the firewall program. This will certainly permit you to link to your WordPress holding web server straight.

Sucuri 504 error

If that repairs the problem, after that it’s most likely that your holding web server is obstructing the firewall program IP addresses which can create this problem. You will certainly require to call your firewall program provider to obtain their checklist of IP addresses, and after that call your host to whitelist those IPs.

Sometimes disabling the firewall program could reveal you the real web server error notification. In that instance, you must refer to our checklist of typical WordPress mistakes to fix the details problem.

4. Disable Your Network Proxy

If you are attached to the net via a proxy web server, then that web server might be incapable to obtain an action from your WordPress web site.

Try accessing your web site utilizing a various net link or make use of on-line solutions to see if yourwebsite is down just for you or everyone

If it is down simply for you, after that you require to transform your network setups. You can call your access provider or a network admin to troubleshoot the problem for you.

5. Change Your DNS Servers

Your net link makes use of something called DNS web servers. These web servers assist your computer system link to the various web servers on the net.

If the DNS web servers you are utilizing are down or incapable to link to your web site, after that you might see a 504 gateway timeout error. The most convenient means to examine this is by transforming the DNS web servers your gadget is utilizing.

On Windows computer systems, you can locate them under Control Panel” Network and also Sharing Center display.

Changing DNS servers in Windows

On Mac computer systems, you can locate them under Settings”Network Click on the Advanced switch, and after that pick the DNS tab.

DNS settings on Mac

You can transform your DNS web server address to and also and also use modifications.

Try seeing your web site currently. If this resolved your error, after that you are all done. The issue was with your net link, and also it is currently dealt with.

6. Clean up your WordPress Database

A corrupt WordPress data source might likewise set off a 504 gateway timeout error. Don’ t fear, your WordPress information is probably safe. However, your data source might require a little a little springtime cleansing.

This can be quickly done by enhancing your WordPress data source utilizing phpMyAdmin or utilizing a plugin like WP-Sweep Make certain you backup the WordPress data source prior to executing any kind of activity.

7. Deactivate WordPress Plugins and also Switch to Default Theme

WordPress plugins and also motifs are much less most likely to create a 504 gateway timeout error. However, if a plugin or style is making a lot of demands to the web server, after that it is most likely that several of these demands might hand over and also set off a 504 gateway timeout error.

To examination this, you require to shut down all WordPress plugins using FTP.

Deactivate all WordPress plugins

After that, see your web site to see if the error has actually fixed.

If it is, after that among your plugins was creating the problem. You currently require to trigger all plugins individually till you can replicate the error. This will certainly assist you find the plugin in charge of the error.

If shutting off plugins really did not resolve your problem, after that you would certainly desire to examine your WordPress style. You will certainly require to button WordPress style using phpMyAdmin.

After changing your style to the default WordPress style, see your web site to see if it’s functioning.

8. More Troubleshooting

If all else falls short, and also you are still incapable to resolve the 504 gateway timeout error, after that comply with the actions in our utmost WordPress fixing overview for novices.

Finally, as a last hope, you require to connect to your holding supplier for assistance. They might be able to fix the problem or factor you in the ideal instructions.

We wish this post assisted you find out how to fix 504 gateway timeout errorin WordPress You might likewise desire to see our overview on how to secure WordPress versus strength strikes.

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