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How to Hide Password Protected Posts From WordPress Loop


WordPress permits you to produce password protected posts. Recently among our viewers asked if it was feasible to hide password protected posts from the website. By default, WordPress conceals the web content of a password protected message, however it still reveals the message title with ‘Protected’ prefix. In this write-up, we will certainly reveal you how to hide password protected posts from the WordPress loop.

Why Hide Password Protected Posts in WordPress?

By default, WordPress presents the password protected message with its title and also a ‘protected’ prefix. Users will certainly require to go into the password to see the web content of the message.

Password protected posts displayed on homepage and in widgets

This message title shows up on the homepage, archives, current posts widget, and so on If you desire to maintain some web content totally exclusive, after that this is not a perfect.

Not just individuals that do not have password can see the message title, they can likewise attempt to go into passwords. As all of us understand, passwords can be fractured.

Having claimed that, allow’s have a look at how to hide your password protected posts from WordPress loop to ensure that various other individuals can not see them.

Hiding Password Protected Posts in WordPress

Simply include this code to your motif’s functions.php documents or a site-specific plugin.

feature wpb_password_post_filter( $where =") {
if (! is_single() && & &! is_admin( )) {$ where
=" AND post_password = ''";.
return$ where;.} add_filter(' posts_where', 'wpb_password_post_filter');. 

This code merely changes the inquiry sent out to theWordPress by utilizing the posts_where filter.(* )asksIt bring all posts that do not have a password.WordPress to your internet site and also you will certainly see that password protected posts are no more noticeable on homepage, archives, or in widgets like current posts.

Visit can still go to the message by accessing it via a straight URL

Before and after hiding protected posts in WordPress

You the message itself. to instance over, conceals password protected posts from all individuals.

The if you ran a multi-author What website and also desired protected-posts WordPress be readable by individuals with the ability to modify exclusive posts? to customize the above code with an additional conditional tag, such as this:

feature wpb_password_post_filter( $where =”) {
if (! is_single() && & &! current_user_can(‘ edit_private_posts’) && & &! is_admin()) {
$ where.=

return $where;.
add_filter( 'posts_where', 'wpb_password_post_filter' );.
" AND post_password = ''" this instance, we examine if a customer can not modify the password protected posts, after that just reveal the posts that do not have password. 

In so all individuals with individual duties of manager and also editor will certainly see the password protected posts on the front end of your website. Doing wish this write-up aided you hide password protected posts from

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