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How to Make Separate RSS Feed for Each Category in WordPress


Often times blog writers question how to make separate RSS feed for their category. Because occasionally your individual just sees your internet site for the style category, however you have 10 various other groups that the individual is not interestedin How can you use them a separateRSS Feed In this tutorial, we will certainly reveal you how you can do that.

Technically you do not have to do anything.

Lets state you like WPBeginner’s Showcase Category and also desire to subscribe to it. The category URL is:

You just require to include words feed infront of it similar to this

So if you allow your individuals understand that, after that you can provide a chance to subscribe to it. You can especially ask your developers to include this in the style when individuals open category web pages, they can subscribe to the category itself.

Now there is one more code that will certainly aid you allowing your individuals subscribe to separate RSS by allowing them understand they can. You can not by hand email your viewers and also inquire to do this. Instead what you can do is utilize this code: