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How to Randomly Display Registered Users in WordPress


Your users are the super stars of your multi-user WordPress website. There are several methods you can highlight users and also writers on your website. Previously we revealed you how to include a writer details box, and also how to display lately registered users. In this write-up, we will certainly reveal you how to display an arbitrary listing of registered usersin WordPress

Displaying registered users randomly in WordPress

First point you require to do is duplicate and also paste the adhering to code in your motif’s functions.php documents or in a site-specific plugin.

feature wpb_random_users() {

worldwide $wpdb;.

$ randomusers='<< ul course ="random-users">>';.

// Query data source for users.
$ usernames = $wpdb->> get_results("SELECT user_nicename, user_url, user_email FROM $wpdb->users ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 5");.

// Display users in a listing.
foreach ($ usernames as $username) {

if (!$ username->> user_url):.

$ randomusers.= '<< li>>'. get_avatar($ username->> user_email, 45).$ username->> user_nicename."</li>";.


$ randomusers.= '<< li>>'. get_avatar($ username->> user_email, 45).'<< a href ="'.$username->user_url.'">>'.$ username->> user_nicename."</a></li>";.

$ randomusers.= '<';.

return $randomusers;.

add_shortcode(' randomusers',' wpb_random_users');.

This code inquires the WordPress users table in your data source and also picks an arbitrary row, after that it outputs the outcomes in a bulleted listing with individual's character and also name. If an individual has actually offered the site URL in their account, after that it will certainly connect the individual name to their site.

Next point you require to do is display the listing of registered users. To do this, all you require to do is include the adhering to line of code in your motif documents where you desire the individual listing to be shown (such as sidebar.php, footer.php etc).