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Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme 2022: Slot Booking Online Jobs

Karnataka Jana sevaka Scheme 2022 portal Kar Jana Sevaka Slot Booking, online jobs, login to check status The state government of Karnataka has launched a new scheme where in the services will be provided to the citizens at their doorstep. This is a new opportunity given by the Karnataka government to its people. The name of the scheme is Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme. To know more about the scheme, read the article till end.

Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme 2022

This article will contain the information regarding the scheme like the procedure of booking the slot, eligibility, key features and more will be explained properly in this article. More about the scheme Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme has been launched for the benefit of people living in Karnataka. Under this scheme, people can get various documents at their doorstep.

This scheme will be helpful for people who are unable to travel to different government departments for the documents.  Visiting concerned government departments for the documents can be strenuous for some people, to avoid this, Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme was launched. Many other states in the country have also launched similar schemes like Madhya Pradesh.

Karnataka Janasevaka Slot Booking 2022

To get the required documents, beneficiaries of the scheme can go to the official website of the concerned authority or they can get via mobile app. Many people are unable to get their documents due to COVID-19, as most government offices are closed. With the help of this scheme, the concerned officials will visit the places of the beneficiaries to give them the documents.

The scheme launched by Karnataka government for their citizens is called Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme. The beneficiaries of the scheme are the individuals living in Karnataka. The primary objective of scheme is to provide government services at the doorstep of the resident. The official website for the scheme is

Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme 2021
Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme 2022 Login

Services offered under the scheme – Various government departments will provide various services to the individuals under the scheme. following are the list of services provided by the concerned department-

Health and family welfare


Janavesaka Karnataka Jobs 2022

Karnataka’s state police


Department of differently abled and senior citizens

Janasevaka Karnataka Services online

Karnataka Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board

How to book slot under Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme?

There are three ways to book slot under Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme. Beneficiaries of the scheme have to book slot in order to avail the services under the scheme.

Karnataka Janasevaka Scheme slot booking through website

Janasevaka Slot Booking Karnataka

Slot booking via call centre

Karnataka Janasevaka Slot booking
Karnataka Janasevaka Slot booking

Via mobile app

The remaining process is the same as the call centre process, your slot will be booked and you will get an OTP which is to be verified at the time of delivery.

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