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Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana 2022 Application Form, Status Check

Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana 2022 Application form, registration on Check status, benefits, eligibility. Karnataka government has launched a scheme for the handloom weavers of the state. The concerned authority of Karnataka state government has launched Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana for the handloom weavers. Under this scheme, the beneficiaries will be given an additional monetary assistance of Rs. 2000 from the concerned authorities.

Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana 2022

Weavers contribute a lot to the handlooms industry and are the backbone of cloth industry. The interests of weavers should be protected and promoted. This article will help you to gain knowledge on the scheme launched by Karnataka government. Many other states have launched similar schemes.

In this article, you will get familiar with the details of the scheme. This article will contain the eligibility criteria, application procedure, benefits and features of the scheme. All aspects of the scheme will be discussed in detail in this article.

Karnataka Nekar Samman Scheme Registration 2022

More about the scheme – Due to COVID-19 many handloom weavers have lost their jobs and livelihood. The demand during the pandemic was lowest and many weavers suffered huge loss. Financial condition of handloom weavers was worsened due to Covid. To tackle with the financial instability, Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana was launched by the state government.

The scheme was launched by the then Chief Minister of state. This scheme will provide an annual monetary assistance of rs.2000 to the handloom weavers living in Karnataka. This scheme was launched on the reference of Handloom and textiles department. The scheme will be beneficial for the weavers in order to tackle the financial constraints caused by pandemic.

Nekar Samman Yojana Karnataka
Nekar Samman Yojana Karnataka

Karnataka Nekar Samman Application Form 2022

Highlights of the scheme

Eligibility criteria of the scheme

The beneficiaries of the scheme should be eligible to take benefit of the scheme. The eligibility criteria laid down under Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana is as under-

Karnataka Nekkar Samman Yojana Status 2022

Important dates

The first and the last date to apply for the scheme has not been notified by the concerned authorities. Stay tuned to know about the important dates.

Benefits of the scheme

Major benefits of Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana are as under-

Nekar Samman Karnataka Form Seva Sindhu

How will the scheme implement?

Documents required for Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana

Documents required for the scheme are as under-

Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana Registration 2022

How to register for Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana?

The chief minister of Karnataka has launched Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana for the handloom weavers of the state. The scheme will provide financial aid of Rs. 2000 to more than 19 thousand beneficiaries through direct bank transfer.

Karnataka Nekar Samman Portal
Karnataka Nekar Samman Portal

The step to apply for the scheme are as under. As Karnataka Nekar Samman Yojana is launched by the concerned authorities of Karnataka state government. The steps involved while apply for the scheme is as under-

There is no application procedure that is to be followed by the beneficiaries of the scheme. You will get the financial aid through direct bank transfer method. If you want to apply for the scheme, visit district office of Department of handlooms and textiles. In the first phase, few weavers are left and will be covered very soon. So far, 37 thousand applicants have been approved for the scheme.

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