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Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana Apply Online 2022 Form pdf! Download

As we know electricity light has one of the important inventions done by scientists. Also, light has signified development and progress for the state as well as for the country. But in 2022, there have some families who still don’t have a connection to electricity. And even they don’t have a single bulb. So for helping these households Kifayati LED Bulb Scheme 2022 has been initiated by the Punjab state government.

Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana Apply Online

Although our Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi has also started various projects. With the help of these projects, the government has confirmed that every household either from the village or from urban areas should connect with the power grid. Due to this, they can also have electricity bulbs to light up their house. But some people don’t have money to purchase LED bulbs.

So for providing LED Bulb through Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana 2022 has the main focus of the Punjab state government. For Punjab state, this scheme has played a key role in the development of the state. However for getting scheme benefits candidates to need to fill the application form with the procedure given here. We have shared all the related information so that more people can join and become part of the government scheme.

Punjab Kifayati LED Scheme Registration

In addition, several households from the nation can get light in their house through the LED Bulb. They are a very useful invention also. Because they consuming less electricity and also the quality of light produce by LED has good for the eyes. Before LED people use simple bulbs and they consume so much energy. They also produce more electricity bills than LED Bulb.

The main objective behind Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana 2022 has to offer LED bulbs so that people can utilize them for lighting issues. In this scheme, the government has covered the Below Poverty Line households. Also, Schedule Caste/ Schedule Tribe and Other Backward Class candidates have also been considered under this scheme of LED.

Kifayati LED Bulb Price in Punjab
Kifayati LED Bulb Price in Punjab

Kifayati LED Bulb Form 2022

The Punjab State Power Corporation Limited has taken all the work related to this scheme into its hand. So that all the eligible candidate families can get the advantage of this yojana. Also, the PSPCL has decided a budget of 8.63 Crore Rs for successful implementation of the scheme in Punjab state. But benefits have been given to only those households who clear some eligibility criteria also. So read all the details about the benefit of the scheme, its eligibility criteria, and the process of registration.

PSPCL Kifayati LED Bulb Scheme Apply Online

Features of Punjab Kifayati LED Bulb Scheme 2022 :

Punjab LED Bulb Scheme Form 2022

Citizens who have already taken benefit from the scheme providing subsidy on electricity which has sanctioned for the load of 1kW. And they belong to BPL, SC  and OBC categories can take also take 2 LED bulb at the cost of 30Rs only. As the government knows the lighting fixtures have expensive. So the state government has provided this good quality LED bulbs at a very cheap price.

Eligibility Criteria for Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana 2022 Punjab:

How to get Kifayati LED Bulb in Punjab?

Document List :

The process to Apply in Punjab Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana Online :

Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana
Kifayati LED Bulb Yojana

Then the department will issue the applicant two LED bulbs in the scheme.

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