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Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana Form 2022 ‘marathi’ Apply Online

Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana Form 2022 in Marathi Maha Shravan bal scheme Apply online, registration status. The Government of Maharashtra State has stated Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana 2022. Then under this scheme old age pension has given. For old age people, it is also very difficult to live in society. As we know, near about 71% of the old citizen in the state has treated with humiliation by their family. So the government is now with them.

Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana

After the age of 65years, in Maharashtra old age pension scheme has started for the needy old agers. So that, their situation will improve for living. And also for making them independent Shravan Bal Yojana 2022 has perfect for them. However, many candidates have started applying under this scheme. But if you haven’t filled the application yet. Then you can follow our instructions given for Maha Shravan Bal Yojana 2022.

In order to provide the old people of Maharashtra financial help, This scheme has succeeded in the state. So, the applicant whose age is 65 years or more than that, then they can apply under this scheme. Also, this scheme will help them independently. Due to Shravan Bal Yojana 2022, their standard of living in society will also increase.

Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana Form 2022

Most important, the oldies will be provided with Rs 400 to Rs 600 per month as a pension. The government has done surveys and schemes for knowing their state peoples. Due to this they can easily find out, what are the issues the common men facing in society. After that, they help the people through schemes and yojanas.

The old age people, living in very bad conditions in the society. Because their own families humiliate and tortured them. And also they don’t have earnings, which is a big issue for them. But now, they can get financial assistance from the government itself. Through which they can easily live without depending on the family.

Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana Form 2021
Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana Form 2022

महाराष्ट्र श्रावण बल योजना नोंदणी 2022

Features of Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana 2022 :

Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana Apply Online

In Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana 2022, there are 2 categories for applying. Firstly, Category A and Secondly, Category B. For both, the category eligibility criteria may differ. This category system is made on the basis of the BPL list. Because some old people come from BPL, but now all of them belong Below the Poverty line in the state.

Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana Eligibility Criteria –

At first Category A

Category B

Maha Shravan Bal Yojana Application Status 2022

Although, applicants can apply for application through offline mediums also. But the online medium has a safer side. Because of the covid19 pandemic, we need to follow the guidelines given by the government. This is for our safety only. So you can apply under this scheme by online means. Also, it will save you time and effort as well.

Document required for applying :

Shravan Bal Yojana Form in Marathi

Process of Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana Registration form 2022 :

Maha Shravan Bal Yojana Apply online
Maha Shravan Bal Yojana Apply online
Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana Registration 2021
Maharashtra Shravan Bal Yojana Registration 2022

For any question and query related to the scheme or registration process from this official website. The Government of Maharashtra also provided helpline numbers for applicants.

Maharashtra Shravan Bal yojana helpline Number: 1800- 120- 8040

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