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National Digital Health Mission Registration: NDHM Apply Online

The prime minister of India, Narendra Modi has announced health cards in India. This National Digital Health Card mission was announced on the occasion of Independence Day. According to the mission, there will be a single health card ID for every individual. This health care will have all the health details of the holder. Every citizen will have his own health card for health records.

National Digital Health Mission Registration 2022

This card will hold the medical information of the holder and the doctor’s account will be maintained via the website or an app. No third party or any other person will have access to the medical records other than the holder. Only the holder can enable the other person to have his information.

All information regarding eligibility, benefits and application procedures will be discussed in this article. More about National Digital Health Mission – The national digital health mission was launched by prime minister Narendra Modi in India. The beneficiaries of the mission will be the citizens of India. The aim of the mission is to provide digital health facilities to all citizens of the country.

NDHM Online Registration 2022

The main objective of the scheme is to promote a digital India campaign and boost digitalization in the country. The scheme will be launched under the state government. Candidates who are interested to apply for the national digital health card should read the article till the end to have more information on the mission.

National digital health mission objective – The main objective of the national digital health mission is to boost digital health cards among the citizens. Digitalization will lead to transparency and authentic working of the government body and the citizens. This digital health card will be more accessible and efficient as compared to offline health cards. Offline health cards are not very safe and authentic. Digital health cards are more secure and confidential as compared to offline health cards.

National Digital health mission registration
National Digital health mission registration

National Digital Health Mission Apply Online

What is in digital health mission?

What is a digital health ID?

Digital health ID will be an ID provided to every citizen in the country. In this digital health ID, there will be a health record of the citizen who is holding that card. In that health card, all the medical details and health history of the holder will be recorded.

Need for digital health ID

Many people have to carry all their medical information in paper format and most of the time, these papers get lost. With the help of a digital health card, there will be a single digital platform that will contain the information of the holder. Digital health cards are more secure and transparent as compared to traditional medical cards.

National digital health mission 2022

How will national health mission work?

Pillars of national digital health mission 2022

There are five main pillars of the National Digital health mission 2022. These five pillars are as under-

Health ID- The main objective of Health Id is to identify every person as a unique cardholder. This will help to record the information of the holder.

Patient Health Record- it will be a digital record of the patient that is drawn from different sources and is managed or controlled by the holder.

Electronic Medical Record web page- in layman’s language, it is the electronic chart of a patient’s medical history and treatment.

Digi Doctor platform- it is for doctors so that they can map and gain skills through fellowship.

Health Facility registry- it is an individual repository of all the medical facilities and information in the country.

National digital health mission privacy and security

The mission is an option, that is it is voluntary. It is the choice of the holder whether or not he wants to create an account on the app and record all the information or not. The information will be 100% safe and only the holder will have access to his medical treatment. The scheme is facilitated by the state government and it will provide transparency and security to the information of the holder.

How to apply for the scheme?

If a citizen wants to apply for the scheme, follow the following steps-

NDHM health Card apply
NDHM health Card apply

Documents required for national digital health mission

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