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Phase-2: Manabadi Nadu Nedu app, Bill Status, login Programme

In Andhra Pradesh state, Phase-1 for Manabadi Nada Nedu has been completed. Now the State Government of AP has launched Manabadi Nada Nedu Phase-2 for the people of Andhra Pradesh. As a result, the government school under the state government has going to transform into innovative schools with such kind of facilities which can lead students to have good quality education.

Manabadi Nadu Nedu app

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has decided to upgrade the state government schools into vibrant and new technologies institutions that can compete with other schools in the AP. Nada Nedu Program has initially started in the year 2019. So the improvement for students has done.  And then, nowadays technology has becoming advance and more beneficial in every field.

Likewise in the education field also students need more requirements according to this challenging environment. As we have seen in the Covid19 pandemic situation only because of the internet the online education becomes possible for students. So, Manabadi Nadu Nedu Phase-2 has going to start for schools in the government sector. Private schools have brought new methods for students and also charging high fees for education in this field.

AP Mana badi Nadu Nedu Application 2022

As a result, in Manabadi Nadu Nedu the concerned department has implemented this scheme in two phases. So, in the first phase, there have 15,715 government schools that have been improved by the government. The main aim of this scheme has to cover all the government schools also in the estimated time period of three years. And for this budget has also declared for near about 12 thousand crores.

However, in phase 1, the first year of the scheme has used near about 3,500 Rs Crore amount for the development of schools infrastructure. Now soon you can notice the result for the Manabadi Nadu Nedu Phase 2 development for children of government schools. So that they can study well and can also contribute to the development of Andhra Pradesh state.

Manabadi Nadu Nedu App apk
Manabadi Nadu Nedu App apk

Manabadi Nadu Nedu Status 2022

We know that the government has received so much criticism for various government schools. But still, the students of government schools have giving competition to the students in private schools. Also, the government has encouraging students to learn English and other extracurricular activities for going ahead in life. Now the government has also planning to improve the government schools according to all the criteria for good infrastructure and education.

Manabadi Nadu Nedu Login

Due to Manabadi Nadu Nedu Scheme, the government has started the mission for upgrading the schools for poor kids also. Because in the government schools only those student gain education who can not afford the fees of the private sector. But the government has considered their education also important for developing these families. After that, in future, the generation has got various benefits from government schools also.

The state government has also developed skill up-gradation for their students. So in that English lab and other basic things has also improved such as running water, clean environment, blackboards, renovation of the school, furniture, toilets, drinking water, etc. The government has also thinking to involve the committee of student’s parents. Already the government has serving poor families with the help of various schemes also.

Implementing Agencies Details Given :

Manabadi Nadu Nedu Phase 2 Registration

Although in the Andhra Pradesh state, there has now more schemes that have known as Amma Vodi yojana. In which the government has also encouraged mothers the education of their children. So that, they have sent their child for taking education from the government schools. Also, for higher education, the government has motivated students with the help of a scholarship program. Schools have also been known as temples of education. So the government has worked for a good environment of learning for our student’s welfare.

AP Manabadi Nadunedu Login

Moreover, the government has also provided the training of one year for enhancing their skill technically and professionally. so that they can deal in the real market world. Also, there has a plan for bearing fees for needy students in the professional colleges for the degree courses. Soon in the Andhra Pradesh state, there will be a new Skill Development University has going to develop near about 25 skill development centers.

Steps to Manabadi Nadu Nedu Programme Login :

Manabadi Nadu Nedu Bill Status 2021
Manabadi Nadu Nedu Bill Status 2022

In conclusion, the project has cover about 44,512 government schools run by the department of school education, AP. Also, there have other agencies who provide their help in the development such as Panchayat Raj, Municipal Administration, BC Welfare, Juvenile Welfare, Social Welfare, Tribal Welfare, Fisheries Department, and also Minority Welfare, etc.

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