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Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana 2022 list: Online Form Last Date

In India, there are lots of states where students are good in their academics but they are financially weak and because of this they are not able to continue their studies and did not get the proper education. That’s why different states offer different schemes to help those students and give encouragement to the education among the students and do something in their life. Free Laptop Scheme in Rajasthan, also know eligibility, application procedure, beneficiaries.

Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana 2022

In the same way, to encourage students to study and give their best in academics Rajasthan government launches the Free Laptop Yojana 2022. With this scheme, they want to help the students to get the best education and also promote technology in education for a better future for the students.

So, if you are a student of Rajasthan state then you can get the benefit of this scheme. This scheme is launched by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan for encouraging education and students to do their best in education and show their talent for the betterment of the state as well as for their better future.

Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana Registration 2022

If you don’t know about this scheme then you have to continue to read the article to get the information about the scheme, who is eligible for this scheme, how one can apply for this scheme, and the last date for the online form more. Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana 2022 – The Rajasthan government has come with the scheme of distributing free laptops to the students who are eligible for having the laptop.

The government wants to help the students by providing them laptops to continue their studies and get a better education. The government provides a free laptop to 10th and 12th class students. But along with them, the government also provides laptops to the students of IT and Polytechnic. And the students who get more than 75% in their final exams are eligible to get the laptop under this scheme. So, the students can apply for this scheme and have a laptop from the government.

Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana 2021
Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana 2022

Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana List 2022

Eligibility criteria for Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana 2022

For applying the Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana 2022, one has to fulfill the criteria for this. The eligibility criteria are given below:

All these are the eligibility criteria for having or applying for the Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana 2022.

Features of the laptop

The laptop that one can get under the Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana, their features is given below, that every student must know about them and these are:

These are the features of the laptop that the eligible students get under the scheme.

Rajasthan Free Laptop Scheme 2022

Benefits of Free Laptop Yojana 2022

There are lots of benefits of the Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana 2022 for the students:

  1. The students who are not able to get a laptop for their education and are good in their studies can apply for this scheme.
  2. The Rajasthan Government wants to help the students to encourage them to study with their free laptop distribution.
  3. They provide free laptops to the students of class 10th and 12th class along with this, the students of polytechnic also able to get the free laptop.
  4. In this scheme of free laptop distribution, the government distributes the laptops to 6000 students of 8th class, 6300 students of 10th class, and 9000 students of 12th are eligible to take advantage of this scheme.

So, you can apply for this free laptop distribution scheme in Rajasthan and get a free laptop for your further studies.

As there are lots of students who are good in the study but they did not have enough sources for their education. For helping those students and help them for a better future, the Rajasthan government come with the scheme of free laptop yojana. With this, they want to help the students to get better study and fulfill their dreams of becoming a successful person in their life. Also, by providing a laptop to students they want to enhance the use of technology in the study so students know how the technology helps them in their study and they can achieve their dream with the use of it.

Rajasthan Free Laptop Yojana Form Last date

How to apply for Free Laptop Yojana 2022 in Rajasthan

For this, students can apply for having a free laptop under this scheme. They can apply for the free laptop yojana 2022 online. Few steps help the students to apply for the scheme and having a free laptop for their study. The steps are given below:

Step1: First the students have to visit the official website of the Rajasthan government.

Step2: When they visit this they will redirect to the home page of the website where they see the link of applying for this scheme.

Raj Free Laptop Scheme form pdf
Raj Free Laptop Scheme form pdf

Step3: They have to click on that link and the application form is display on their screen.

Step4: Now, they have to download the form on their device.

Step5: After downloading the form, fill in all necessary information in the application form and make sure all the details are true and correct.

Step6: After filling in the once verify the details that all details are correct and there is no mistake in the form and then click on submit button.

Step7: Finally, students can take a screenshot of the form or can take a printout of the form for their future reference.

These are the simple and easy steps to fill out the application form for Rajasthan free laptop Yojana 2022, even the last date of the online form can be provided by the government soon.

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