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Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage Scheme: Application Form Benefits

In Rajasthan State, Inter Caste Marriage Scheme has running for citizens. To Increase the importance of Inter caste marriage in the state the government has also introduce Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage Yojana 2022. To given the meaning of these kinds of marriage, people need to register it through a marriage registrar as a legal marriage. Although in our society many people have an issue with inter case marriage of their children.

Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

But nowadays inter-caste marriages have normal in India. We can also call it a new normal in our country. Because our young generation doesn’t feel about caste and categories. And they just want to choose their life partner based on their understanding or choices. So, Inter-caste marriages happen in our Rajasthan state also.

However, Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage Scheme has considered female candidates to provide financial support for inter-caste marriage. This financial support has only available for girls whose family background can not afford their marriage. And also they belong to Schedule caste or scheduled tribe categories. In addition, candidates from OBC categories and have to marry girls from Schedule Caste or Schedule tribe then they also get financial help from the government of Rajasthan state.

Rajasthan Intercaste Marriage Registration

The amount available for these beneficiaries will be 5 lakh Rs. As a result, lots of people have started registering their marriages. According to Last year’s records near about 187 couples have done registration as per Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage Scheme. And for them, the government of Rajasthan provides 87.50 Lakh Rupees in the form of financial assistance to them for their new marriage.

Although the scheme benefits only in those case in which candidate from higher caste categories has to marry the lower caste categories candidate as per inter-caste marriage act. So if you have also done marriage according to the rule and eligibility criteria of the Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage Scheme then here is your chance for getting help in form of money through the government of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage Registration
Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage Registration

राजस्थान अंतर्जातीय विवाह योजना

Benefits of Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage Scheme 2022 :

Raj Intercaste Marriage Application Form

Due to this, the Rajasthan state government has also decreased the bad rituals of our society. And after some days we have hope that the caste system will also remove. And all the people can leave with one category as an India. Here we have come to provide details related to Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage Yojana benefits and its eligibility criteria. Then You can also get knowledge about the steps for the registration process.

Eligibility Criteria for Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage 2022 :

Intercaste Marriage Rajasthan List 2022

Because of this new yojana, the government will surely remove casteism from our state. And people can be treated the same as other categories. However, in this scheme, the amount given to the beneficiaries will be divided into two categories. So the first half of 5 Lakh rupees that has 2.5 Lakh Rs has been given to the family of girl candidates. And the other half will be given to the family of the groom’s side. As a result, poor families have also supported this inter caste yojana for development.

Documents required for the Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage Yojana 2022 :

Rajasthan Intercaste Marriage Apply online

If you want to register your inter-caste marriage then they need to follow some steps which have been given below for our readers.

The process to submit online Rajasthan Inter Caste Marriage Scheme Application form :

Raj Inter Caste Marriage Apply online
Raj Inter Caste Marriage Apply online

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