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Tnreginet Registration: Guideline Value, Patta Chitta, EC View

Tnreginet Registration: Guideline Value, Patta Chitta, EC View will be discussed here. Tnreginet Inspector General Of Registration: is a portal developed by Tata Consultancy Services Limited for the Government of Tamil Nadu’s registration department. Through this portal, Tamil Nadu residents may access a variety of state services online. Many state government services are accessible online via the Tnreginet Portal, and in today’s post, we’ll show you how to use this portal to access these services and register for them. Are on the verge of giving. So you’ve made it to the end of this article.

Tnreginet Registration 2021 online

What exactly is Tnreginet Registration? – Tnreginet, also known as the Inspector General of Registration System (IGRS) or TNREGINET, is a new online platform created by the Tamil Nadu government to assist individuals with different registration procedures. Marriage, land, birth, death, chit fund, corporation, and other types of registrations, which used to entail a time-consuming process of visiting several government offices, are now greatly simplified.

With Tnreginet, you can complete the above registrations with only a few clicks from anywhere. The webpage also allows you to check the status of various documents/services in Tamil Nadu State, register for an Encumbrance Certificate (EC), get thorough information on the registration and stamp duty costs for multiple categories and access the Tnreginet guideline value Tamil Nadu.

TN Patta Chitta Registration 2021

In Tamil Nadu, what is the Guideline Value?

The projected market worth of land-based on government data is referred to as “guideline value.” A guideline value should, in theory, represent a property’s true market worth. However, in many circumstances, it is less than or equal to the market value, and in some instances, it is more than the market value.

The government of Tamil Nadu sets the TN guideline values for each location in the state. The streets are used to determine guideline values in well-developed residential communities. The guideline value is determined based on the survey number of each property for properties/lands that have not been turned into streets.

TNREGINET Registration 2021
TNREGINET Registration 2021


In Tamil Nadu, how substantial is the guideline value?

When purchasing land in Tamil Nadu, the guideline value is an essential issue to consider. This is because it is the lowest and highest price at which a property may be sold or acquired. It will ensure that you obtain a guaranteed minimum price when you sell your home in Tamil Nadu. It’s also necessary to register the property once you’ve bought it.

Value of the Tnreginet guideline To save registration fees, Tamil Nadu assists the registering official in discovering any undervaluation of land. Suppose a property’s guideline value is more significant than its market value. In that case, it is advised that the Deputy Inspector General of Registration, the District Registrar, and the Inspector General of Registrations in Tamil Nadu be notified of the discrepancy may be resolved.

TNREGINET Registration Guideline

What Services Does Tnreginet Registration Portal Provide?

The Tnreginet site provides consumers in Tamil Nadu with a variety of services in one location. Among the services offered are:

TNREGINET Online Registration 2021

Scams and corruption in land sales may be avoided with the use of a guideline value. It also assists individuals in gaining a thorough understanding of land pricing so that they may appropriately value their homes. It guarantees that no property is registered at a lower value than the TN standard.

How can I get the property guideline value in Tamil Nadu online at

In a few easy steps, Tnreginet in Tamil Nadu can assist you in locating the guideline value online. The processes for determining a property’s Tnreginet guideline value are as follows:

1. Go to the Tamil Nadu Registration Department’s website or the Tnreginet portal ( On the homepage menu bar, there is a ‘Guideline Value’ option.

2. When you choose the ‘Guideline Value’ option, a list of all applicable guidelines dating back to 2002 appears.

3. Once you’ve selected your preferred guideline, you’ll be taken to the ‘Guideline Value & Property Valuation’ page. Fill in the required information and press the ‘Search button.

4. Based on the zone and registration data specified, the Tnreginet guideline value Tamil Nadu is presented for each street in your search result.

TNREGINET Online Apply 2021

How can I become a member of Tnreginet Registration?

If you want to use the Tnreginet portal’s online services, you must first create an account on the site. You will be able to log in and apply for a document, locate the Tnreginet guideline value Tamil Nadu, examine your certificate online, and access other services after you have registered. The steps below will walk you through the Tnreginet online registration process:

1. Visit the Tnreginet website.

2. The ‘Registration’ option may be found on the site. It appears as a dropdown menu with two choices: ‘User Registration’ and ‘Marriage Registration.’

3. Select ‘User Registration’ from the drop-down menu. The ‘Create your account’ screen appears, where you must enter crucial information such as your username, user type, password, security question, personal information, and so on.

4. Enter the captcha code and wait for the One-Time Password once you’ve entered all of the data, including your selected ID proof document type and ID number (OTP).

5. Verify the OTP issued to your registered email address and cellphone number.

6. Click ‘Complete Registration’ after entering the OTP in the appropriate area. Your registration has been completed, and your application has been submitted.

TNREGIBET Register Online

On the Tnreginet Registration website, how can I see an encumbrance certificate?

If you’ve previously applied for an Encumbrance Certificate (EC) and want to examine it online, go to the Tnreginet site and follow these easy instructions:

To begin, go to the Tnreginet website. The navigation bar on the homepage has a ‘E-Services’ option.

2. When you choose E-Services, a dropdown menu for Encumbrance Certificate>> View EC appears.

3. Select ‘View EC’ from the drop-down menu. The Encumbrance Certificate Search screen appears.

4. Click the Add button after entering all of the necessary information, such as the Zone, District, EC Start Date, Survey Details, and so on.

5. Type in the captcha and hit the ‘Search’ button. The Encumbrance Certificate is now visible.

6. Your Encumbrance Certificate’s status and recent modifications are also shown.

What documents are needed to apply for a guideline value on Tnreginet?

It is simple to apply for the Tnreginet guideline value Tamil Nadu. u may access the Tnreginet portal, register, and search the guideline values for your desired zone or street by following a few easy steps.

What is the procedure for applying? You may use for various papers, monitor their progress, and explore the Tnreginet guideline value streetwise via the Tnreginet site. ng for documents on Tnreginet Online?

On the Tnreginet website, a registered user may apply for papers online. To apply for or generate a new document, follow the procedures below:

1. Log in to the Tnreginet online site using your Tnreginet credentials.

2. Next, go to the ‘Application creation’ section and choose ‘Create the document.’

3. Fill in all required information on the generated application form and attach any relevant papers (if any).

4. After you’ve reviewed the information you’ve submitted, click the ‘Submit button.

5. You’ve finished creating your document. Keep a printout of the document and save it.

How can I check the status of a document on Tnreginet?

You may quickly monitor the progress of your document application via the Tnreginet site. The steps given below will walk you through the process:

To begin, go to the Tnreginet website. Use your username and password to log in. The ‘Know Your Application Status’ option may be found on the site. Select ‘My Documents’ from the drop-down menu.

2. Fill in your information, such as the Registration Number, Pending Number, and Temporary Deed Number, on the subsequent page.

3. After you’ve input all of your information, click ‘Search.’ The current status of your paper is shown.

On Tnreginet, how can I check my jurisdiction?

Visit the Tnreginet website and follow these easy steps to discover credible information about your jurisdiction:

1. Scroll down to the ‘More’ option in the Menu bar on the Tnreginet site and select it.

2. Select ‘Portal Utility Services’ from the dropdown list of choices and click ‘Know Your Jurisdiction.’

3. Type the name into the search box and press the ‘Search button on the following screen. on the following screen

4. This will provide you information about your jurisdiction, such as the district name, zone, Sub Registrar’s Office (SRO) name, Sub Registrar’s email address, and so on.

On Tnreginet, how can I calculate the value of a building?

Tnreginet site allows you to determine the worth of a building in just a few clicks in addition to obtaining the Tnreginet guideline value Tamil Nadu. The steps are as follows:

1. Go to the Tnreginet website. Scroll down to the ‘Calculate Building Value’ option on the site.

2. The ‘PWD Calculator’ page appears, prompting you to input information about the building, such as its kind, region, age, calculation period, floor information, garage information, and so on.

3. When you’ve finished filling out the form, click the ‘Submit button. The computed building value is presented based on the information supplied.

The Tnreginet gateway has been considerably enhanced.

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