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UMA Exports IPO GMP Today, Share Price list

UMA Exports IPO GMP Today, Share Price check online. Get all details about UMA Exports Share Price List will be discussed here. The IPO GMP for has been announced for the people who want to know about it. UMA Exports IPO GMP Today has spread like fire on the internet. So if you also want to know about the UMA Exports Share Price List then do read the information available below. According to information the UMA Exports IPO GMP has scheduled for declaration on 28th March 2022.


The latest updates coming from this organization has the business of UMA Exports IPO GMP has going to increase 60 crores in IPO. However, this has also included a fresh offering of 50 crores. Due to this many people are attracted to UMA Exports Share Price List. Because with the help of it they can purchase shares of it for getting the advantage.

Moreover, some people also looking to sell their shares in case they required money. UMA Exports IPO GMP Today has gone to available by the organization to updates all the people about its Share List for Price. As we know that UMA Exports Ltd has specialized in the production of Agriculture as well as Commodity trading and marketing.


Due to this many people in our country want to invest in the UMA Exports IPO GMP Share Price List after checking the price amount. Because it has also depended on the share market. Sometimes some companies’ shares rise and in some circumstances, they may fall. So it also impacts the senses of our country.

Due to the share price list listing in the NSE, BSE helps many people to understand which company’s share prices are rising or falling. The UMA Exports has import things in our country from various other countries and then sell these things within our country on large scale. According to last year’s record, the UMA Exports IPO GMP has recorded sales of 752 crores in total. However, in 2020 the record has made 810 crores.

UMA Exports IPO GMP 2022
UMA Exports IPO GMP 2022

UMA Exports Share Price 2022

Finally, the NSE and BSE have going to listed the UMA Exports IPO GMP Online so that the profit of the organization can be shown.

UMA Exports Allotment Date 2022

However the UMA Exports Share Price List in which price for the IPO ranges has going based on equity share of this organization. UMA Exports IPO GMP date for the IPO schedule on 28th March 2022 and then it has going to end on 30th March 2022. So only a few days are left for the updation. We are seeing that more people are looking for knowing more about the update coming from UMA Exports. Due to this, we have come here today to share all the information with our viewers to provide the latest updates. Read all the information carefully before making any decision.

In addition, UMA Exports GMP Today has available online. But if you don’t know about what exporting this organization does then check here. UMA Exports has markets and trade of spices like turmeric, dried red chilies, cumin seeds, coriander, etc. Then it also deals with sugar and food grains like Rice, Sorghum, Maize, Wheat, Pulses, Tea, and other agricultural products such as rice bran de-oiled cake as well as soybean meal. Read the UMA Exports Share Price List then make your choice as per your benefit.

UMA Exports IPO Date 2022

As per UMA Exports IPO GMP has shown excellent reports. So this may gain you long-term benefit as per our perspective after reading all the information. The promoters of this company which has UMA Exports IPO are Sumitra Devi Khemuka, Rakesh Khemka. If you are also wondering about the risk in the UMA Exports IPO then see the information available here on our page. As far as we know that UMA Exports IPO GMP has a good reputation in the market as compared to the competition in this industry. Due to this UMA Exports has made customers from all over India.

The citizen who wants to invest can check the UMA Exports IPO Today with a price band ranging from 65 INR to 68 INR per share. The main reason behind the latest announcement made by the concerned department has to raise the business plans 60 crores with the help of Indian Public Offering which is IPO which has included 60 crores of new issues. Then an offer has come up to sell the equity shares for Rs 10 each. Moreover in this process, the retail sector has 35 percent of quota. Then the NII sector has 15percent of the quota. And after that QIB has a quota of 50 percent in the shares. We also going to tell you about the competitive advantage related to IPO GMP in UMA Exports.

UMA Exports Ltd IPO GMP

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