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Vaccine Certificate Download by Aadhaar Number link Online

Vaccine Certificate Download by Aadhaar Number easily. Read article to know about COVID Vaccination Certificate download using aadhaar card. Today most of the world is trying to fight against Covid19. Vaccine Certificate by Aadhaar -This pandemic has stopped the whole nation and made the lives of people very difficult to live in. All the world governments are trying to find a way to fight this virus and want to bring back the normal lives of people. With a wait of more than one year, many companies have come with vaccines to fight with Covid19.

Vaccine Certificate Download by Aadhaar Number

In this article we are going to discuss about how to download the vaccine certificate using different ways. To get the covid19 vaccination shots, people have to register themselves on the one out of different platforms like Arogya Setu App, Umang App and on Cowin portal. After that you have to book a slot by using the date you are free and timings, after that select the Covid19 vaccination center near you.

Then you have to go there to take a shot. This booking will be for available for 1st dose. For the second dose, you have to again take a slot and book yourself. There will be two type of vaccination certificate, one is partially vaccinated certificate and the other one is fully vaccinated certificate. The individuals who have received only one vaccination dose, will be provided with partially vaccinated certificate.

Vaccine Certificate 2nd Dose Download

These are the vaccinations that are available in India but some of the vaccines are only available in some cities of India. Some Vaccines like Covishield, Covaxin, and Sputnik V Vaccines are available in most parts of India. Today India has achieved the most numbers in order to vaccinate the people of the country. More than 65 percent of the population has received 1st dose of Covid19 Vaccine and more than 50 percent population is fully vaccinated.

Nowadays traveling to any country is difficult without being fully vaccinated so, the people of the world should listen to their governments and try to get them vaccinated as soon as possible for the safety of ourselves and others.

Vaccine Certificate by Aadhaar
Vaccine Certificate by Aadhaar

Vaccine Certificate by Aadhaar Number

But the individuals who have received both the doses are considered as fully vaccinated. The people of India are wondering which Covid19 vaccines are available in India. So, here is the list of different Covid19 vaccines available in India:

Vaccination Certificate Download by Aadhaar Number

The individuals who have received one dose or both doses must be wondering how to download their vaccination certificates. There are many ways to download their certificates like on Arogya Setu App, Cowin Portal, Umang app Digi locker app.  To download covid19 vaccination certificates fro all all portals steps are given below so, now read this article very carefully.

Steps to download Covid9 Vaccination Certificate from Arogya Setu App:

Steps to download Covid19 Vaccination Certificate from Umang App:

Vaccine Certificate Download by Beneficiary ID

Steps to download Covid19 Vaccination Certificate using Digi Locker App:

Steps to Download Covid19 Vaccination Certificate using Cowin Portal:

Hope the article is helpful for all, for more updates stay in touch.

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