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Vehicle Scrappage Policy India 2022 pdf Scheme PIB Details

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has commenced a scheme named vehicle scrappage policy. This policy will help in finding out the unfit vehicles which are creating pollution in the environment. In his speech, he said that vehicles now will not be crumbed on the basis of their age, but they will be considered unfit if they were not finding okay in automated testing. The vehicle scrappage policy scheme will truly be an excellent high point in the development of the country.

Vehicle Scrappage Policy India 2022

Vehicle scrapping thing will help in finding the vehicles that are not fit for walking on the road. About vehicle scrappage policy:- As the name tells about this policy, that under this scheme those vehicles will find out that are unfit to walk on roads as they are creating pollution and are making the environment unclean.  This policy will start as soon as the registration of your car gets over.

At this stage, your vehicle needs to go through the fitness test. If we see the motor vehicle laws in the country, then a vehicle is considered fit only for 15 years. After this time period, the vehicles start polluting the environment as compared to new vehicles. Under this vehicle, after a particular time period, you have to dump your car and for that you will be receiving the incentive as well.

Car Scrappage Policy Details pdf

The objective behind this policy:- The major objective of this policy is to simply find out the old and unfit vehicles and then recycle them in a methodical way. The eventual objective of this policy is to eliminate the environmental pollution which is causing by these old and unfit vehicles.

The vehicles which are not fit to walk on the road, create pollution and are a big hindrance in the development of the country as well. This policy will not just reduce the pollution but will result in many more other benefits. Recycling these vehicles will also help in recycling things like plastic, steel, and other metals. The cost of manufacturing will also get reduced with this policy. This will increase the sales of vehicles in India as at the time of recycling your old car, you will be getting the incentives for buying a new vehicle.

Vehicle Scrappage Policy
Vehicle Scrappage Policy

Vehicle Scrappage Policy for two-wheelers

Do all the vehicles which are ahead of the limit will be scrapped?

Vehicle Fitness Test Process

The Fitness test process:- As mentioned above that the fitness test will say that if the vehicle can walk on the road or not. The fitness test actually is the examination of the car which will show that if your car is worthy to walk on the road or not. This test will also look into the fact that if the car is creating pollution or not.

This is not all, the car needs to go through other technical tests like braking, the performance of the engine and numerous other tests that will show the exact worth of your vehicle. These fitness tests will be carried out in automated centers. Even the small problems in your car can lead to fail certificate for your vehicle so make sure to get your vehicle serviced on time.

 Vehicle Fitness Certificate Download pdf

What if the vehicle gets the failed certificate?

If your vehicles get a fail certificate in the vehicle fitness test, it means the life of your vehicle goes finished. At this point, the owner will be given the option that he can scrap his vehicle under this policy. These facts are not yet clear that if the owner can alter the issues of the vehicle and can have the test again. This will soon be cleared. But if we rely on the reports, then it is said that a vehicle can appear for the fitness test three times and for the third time, if the vehicle gets a fail certificate, then it is said to be an ineligible vehicle that cannot walk on the road.

This policy or scheme has just been announced, it will take some time to implement this policy. But we have got the idea that this type of policy will come in India which is truly a beneficial one in terms of the development of the country. Reports are saying that by October 2022, this policy will be put into practice. In the meantime, the current law will be working as per earlier. From the very next year, this new law will be started in the country and things will become more systematic.

Vehicle Scrappage Policy Benefits

Benefits of this vehicle scrapping policy:-

Vehicle Scrappage Policy Scheme
Vehicle Scrappage Policy Scheme

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